not in our choir!

Some choirs look down their noses at pop music

not in our choir!

Some choirs sit wearily around a piano to sing

not in our choir!

In some choirs, the women have to sing really high

not in our choir!


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In some choirs, you need to read music

not in our choir!

Welcome to the home of Lincolnshire choirs 'Syncapella' and 'Raised In Song' and the hub for acapella harmony singing workshops led by singer/songwriter Abi Moore.

Welcome to a world where every single person is as important as the one standing next to them. Where, no matter what walk of life you're from, you're all grounded by the very same thing: the fantastic sound you make together as one. A world where you can walk into the room under the weight of all your worries and leave two hours later with none. Where we create magic from silence and beauty from nothingness. What is this mystical thing? Singing!

Singing with us is different. We don’t compete on TV shows, sing along to karaoke backing tracks, do pop star dance moves or franchise out into factory-farmed superchoirs. We’re not your average community choir, nor your local church choir. We don't need to be able to read music. We don’t need folders full of words. Not in our choir. This is authentic, acapella singing from the heart and soul. Our music is arranged for us and tailored to us. Everything you will need is already inside you. You won't believe what you can achieve with nothing but your voice and your ears!