Nice to meet you! I'm Abi Moore: Singer/Songwriter, Vocal Workshop Leader and Musical Director for Syncapella and Raised In Song.

I live in Nottingham, where I'm pretty active in the community, enjoying my work with the Nottingham Writers' Network, the Actors' Workshop and Fiesta Flamenco dance school.

But above all that, I'm a music addict. For me, there's nothing quite like the natural high of making music together with others and I aim to infect everyone else with that joy too!

My love of music started very early on and my school years involved singing and playing keyboards, drums and violin regularly in school plays, musicals, choirs, jazz bands and orchestras. Whilst studying for my A Levels, I was also leading a gospel choir, performing with the Lincolnshire Youth Concert and Symphony orchestras, The Four Quarters String Quartet, the Boston Youth Jazz Orchestra and I was awarded Colours for Music for my contribution to my school's musical life. However, it all felt a bit regimented and most of the music I was playing wasn't really my cup of tea. At 17, I was signed up by a handful of agents and started doing professional pop gigs around the country every weekend. I secretly couldn't wait to leave school so I could do it for real and stop playing at it.

So I did, but a few years later, despite the incredible highs of singing to audiences of up to 15,000 people at venues like the London Palladium and the Galpharm Stadium, I got bored of singing other people's songs.

I was tired of the dodgy record deals in the pop world and amused by the competitiveness of the West End.
I wanted something real and authentic that meant something to me, so I bought a guitar and piano, taught myself to play them and started playing my own songs. I've not looked back since and have released four albums and an EP on my own record label, toured the globe, and have supported some exciting names. (If you want to know more, check out my website)

But all the while, I was teaching. I never lost my passion for that. I've taught mums and tots in nurseries, children and teenagers in schools, colleges, hospitals and foster homes. I've taught adults in community centres, in prisons, on streets, in care homes, in stately homes and in churches. I've learned a lot about all sorts of different people from all walks of life, and I know that when we come together in song, we are all equal. I know that we can all be united when we work towards a common goal. And I get to see, every single week, how much joy can be brought to so many people through one amazing medium: music.

Some of those people still sing with me because they've become addicted to it. New singers come along and accidentally get hooked. I don't really like the “Choir Leader” title. It sounds very formal. Really, I'm just a Spreader of Enthusiasm and a Getter of Good Noise. (Is that a job title?!)

Come along to try if it you like. We're not a traditional choir. We are just a bunch of cool people of all ages singing meaningful music from the heart and soul. But I hold no responsibility for the music left in your heads or the buzz in your veins when we're done!